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Over The Top Steering

Like most Samurai owners I like to think I am frugal.  Actually I am cheap!  I will cut corners and save my hard earned money every chance I get.  A good example of this is the spring over I did to my tintop.  I fabbed the perches from scraps laying around.  I booty fabbed the steering arm too.  I am not proud of that fact, but it does prove just how frugal I can be.  I was willing to put up with an ugly steering arm that transferred any bump steer up to the steering wheel with an ugly jolt just to save a few bucks.  Recently a deep mudhole, and a bad angle on the only winch anchor point bent my money saver into an unusable piece of steel.  Time to pony up and install a real steering solution. 

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OTT Stage 2

I recently installed the Rocky Road Over The Top Stage 1.  Right away I noticed that the stock tie rod was still below my leaf springs and way too wobbly for my liking.  This was the perfect time to upgrade to the Stage 2, which would put that tie rod up where it belongs and tighten the steering once and for all.  After explaining all this to my accountant/wife I was on the phone with Rocky Road again.  A week or so later I was back in the garage for Stage 2.

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Quality Sound In A Samurai?

I have been a car audio fanatic for more than ten years.  When I traded from my VW GTI to the Sammi because of the fun factor I was ready to do without a quality stereo.  That lasted about six months.  With the OEM, AM only, push button radio and one speaker I was not happy.  I could not hear it while the truck was moving and did not like what I heard while it was still.

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This page updated on     07/28/2005